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Laser assisted liposuction is our choice for you! Used by Cosmetic Surgeons all over the world it is the perfect solution for eliminating localized fat deposits. Targeted body areas for laser assisted liposuction are abdomen, flanks, back, outer and inner thigh, fat deposits at the inner knee zone, arms, neck (sub-mandibular zone) and male breast.

alexander zeuke

Dr. Alexander Zeuke
Cosmetic Surgeon
Laser assisted liposuction is my number one choice because of the skin retraction in the treated areas. Furthermore, recovery is fast and the results are amazing.


Dr. Martin Koshnick
Plastic Surgeon
Laser assisted liposuction allows us to have high efficiency and safety in some areas of the body, such as inner thighs, arms or back, for example.


Dr. Alberto Goldman
Plastic Surgeon
Lipolaser is very efficient for modelling, transforming and giving new lines to our body, providing a more elegant, beautiful and much more harmonious image.

Hight effective treatment


  • One treatment only
  • In just 60 minutes
  • No sutures
  • Local anaesthesia only
  • No recovery time need

The best results

This is our choice for you. We transform your body the way you want it to be, by eliminating local fat deposits and producing skin retraction with our laser. In this way you will have better, smooth and soft skin, new lines, new shapes and a natural new look. Our laser liposuction is minimally invasive and done in only one session, in just 60 min in local anaesthesia. There is virtually no recovery time after the treatment so you can immediately return to your daily activities.

Cellulitis – One more advantage

The results of laser liposuction are permanent, and because of the thermic effect of the laser the skin remains firm and smooth. That’s why this treatment is a perfect solution for CELLULITIS as well.

How it works

Our laser liposuction treatment is performed by a surgeon highly specialized in this procedure. It is done under local anaesthesia only, without sedation or hospitalization. The first step is applying local anaesthesia to the area to be treated through a well-known Klein anaesthesia technique. After only 10 min, a very thin laser optical fiber, 1mm in diameter, is introduced through the skin by a “microscopic” hole of 1-2mm, and it completely warms the fat area to be treated, smoothing the skin and making it firm at the same time. Now the fat deposits are removed with low intensity liposuction technology. After the procedure, we apply small dressings at the access points of the laser. These access points do not require surgical suture and will heal spontaneously after 2-3 days.

Postoperative care

Although you can return to your daily routines immediately after the treatment, your should avoid hard physical exercise and sun exposure of the treated area for a week. You will need to wear a compression garment after laser liposuction for 4 weeks, which will guarantee you the best aesthetic results. This compression garment should be worn the whole day, except if you need to wash it, go to the gym, go swimming, etc.